Have an idea ?We will help you execute it !

No matter how big your plans are, we will come up with a strategy. We specialized in helping startups to transform their ideas into reality. Get yourself a prototype in no time !

We are

a company based in Germany, which offers Full Web- and Mobile Apps Development Services. We are also :

open minded

Is your success important to us ? - Sure ! But we don´t care how unconventional your plans are.


We know how important time and money are. That´s why we invented " Developers-on-Demand ". We create a Team individually for each project, which means we can scale expenses to project sizes.


Everyone of ours developers and designers must focus on one project at the time, so he/she can stay focused on his/her tasks and deliver the best resulsts.

Core Team

Meet the KUNZ/KULIK core team.


Jurij Kulik


Albert Kunz



App Dev.


Web Dev.


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Like the title says, you will find frequently asked qustions and the answers to them here.

No, of course not. Due to the internet we can communicate faster than every over pretty much every distance. Although we really like to meet with our partners face to face to plan and discuss things.

We MUST do ! It´s a common thing in this industry to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements, which we take very seriously. We also offer discrete services.

As mentioned before, we consist of a core team and a dynamic devolper team. We figured out that it works very well to employ a mixture of regular employees and freelancer. This gives us the necessary flexibility for all kinds of projects.